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PROVEN STRATEGIES FOR FINDING you “your perfect match”

Finding candidates who truly understand the nuances of working in the government sector is challenging at best. Especially when your search must be conducted confidentially. The various nuances of government staffing encompass and array of obstacles. Such as the Potential need for security clearances, thorough background checks and comprehensive vetting procedures.

At CMS, working with the government, whether it be federal, state or local is our specialty. We deliver professionals with the training and experience you need to operate through any political, economic or budgetary challenges that may arise.

CMS was founded on a principal of serving those who serve our communities. The unfounded heroes who go about their job daily, making our lives easier. We count it a privilege in being able to say that we service the government sector

Below you will find our government services defined in detail:

Staff for vacation, leaves of absence or busy periods with on-demand help. Meet deadlines without increasing overtime or permanent staff with hardworking, well-qualified workers.

Need someone to fill a position on a short-time basis while you search for a permanent replacement? Our experienced replacement staff can keep your department running smoothly until you can fill the role.

Try one of our associates at your location before making an offer. With our temporary-to-hire staffing services, you get to test employees on the job before committing to a hiring decision.

Let CMS find qualified candidates for you. We’ll recruit, screen and test candidates – you choose from the best we offer. You’ll shorten your time-to-hire and reduce your hiring risks.

CMS will search nationwide for proven leaders to fill management and executive roles. We leverage our network of experienced municipal professionals, reaching out to find people who meet your specific requirements.

No matter how quickly you made need to ramp up a project, CMS has the resources to keep pace with your need. Our experience group of professionals will provide individuals on long and or short-term basis to supplement or control a desired project as required. Our management staff have the necessary expertise and qualifications to take a project from conception to completion in a given time frame. Should only a helping hand be need to supplement resources that are in place. You can count on CMS to be there when you need us.


We work as a single united team with market leading firms around the world and give our clients the highest quality advice possible.