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Payroll Processing

Career Match Solutions has expertise in providing Payroll Processing services. This involves:
1. Transition employees identified by the client onto the roles of Co – employment relationship between the client, employee.
2. Managing HR, Administration and regulatory compliances
3. Contract duration: Short term, long term and part time assignments
4. Option of Absorption on completion of the assignment.

Associate Sourcing/Recruitment
Advertising, Database, Sourcing

Pre-screening, Interviewing

Assessments (Paid service, cost will be billed to the client)

(The above activity is primarily the differentiator between Temping and Pay rolling. The activities that are further mentioned below are both common Temping and Pay rolling.)

Associate Servicing
Issue Appointment letters

Joining kit

Induction session

Associate Handbook, Benefits booklet, Claim forms etc

Worksite rules and process documents

HR contact and escalation process


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